Reblog: My WordAds Review

So what is WordAds you ask?

WordAds is the official advertising program which lets you monetize your hosted blog.


I love writing useful blog entries and also like the fact that I can make some passive income that compensates my efforts and time spent into maintaining this blog.

WordAds seemed to be one way to monetize the contents. In order to apply, the minimum you need is a domain name.

You can buy the domain name option from as an upgrade for your free WordPress account.

After you have your domain name, you can apply for WordAds.

In my experience, even if you apply for WordAds that does not guarantee that you get accepted. I contacted the WordAds people and their answer was:

You need more traffic to your site. We cannot give you the exact number but once you have enough users, we will contact you back


Fair enough but they should have said that or written it somewhere before I decided to buy my own domain name. I would have first build a larger audience base and then bought my domain name.

What follows is a nice review of WordAds by Dennis from blog.

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