AT&T: That is what happens when you forget data roaming setting on!


So I went to Vancouver by car and forgot my phone’s data roaming setting on!

An hour later I realized that and turned it off…It was too late because my phone downloaded 12MB (luckily)…but AT&T charged me 188$ for 12MB of data 🙂

What can I say!! We are in the 21st century and in the USA (and not some 3rd world country) and yet AT&T charges 188$ for 12MBs! What a shame! Sometimes paying high bills for cellular data, often higher than some 3rd world countries, make me really feel sad about how technology is there but greedy people benefit from it!

Oh well….Isn’t T-Mobile better with its free data roaming plans?

Do you have other “horror” stories related to AT&T to share? Please post your comments!

UPDATE 02/25/2015

I got to contact AT&T customer service by phone and the representative did not help me: “Sir, per our policy, we cannot do anything about that”.
I tried the online chat and explained the situation. The representative asked his supervisor what can be done in this situation. They explained because it was by mistake and the first time that this happens, they will credit me back 50% of that amount.

Better than nothing.

I still believe they can do better than T-Mobile when it comes to cheaper or free data roaming in North America.

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