Today I saw a Porsche

Today, in the morning, while driving to work, I stopped at many red lights. In front of me, there was a Porsche. I began thinking.
“If I had all the money I need, would I buy a Porsche?”
I stopped and started thinking, then thought:
“I personally would not spend the money on expensive cars. I like my car, it drives well and got enough technology to my taste”

Besides, I don’t like to buy something fancy I don’t need, especially when I have a lot of money and know that there are people that cannot even afford to take the bus. When I have more money than I can spend, I believe I have responsibility to share with others.

I am always reminded of this Cabalistic teaching: “Receiving for the sake of sharing”.

What would you do?

2 thoughts on “Today I saw a Porsche

  1. I saw a Porsche today and I think it was green, though it was already dark outside.
    I am happy with my car that takes me places.
    I think I have other ways to spend money, if I had so much to spare, than buying an expensive car ( or two).
    We can plant trees, create sanctuaries for animals, make donation to secure clean drinking water, and what else?

    • I agree with you. I am happy I don’t have a taste for expensive stuff anyway. I always wonder if I achieve financial freedom one day, will I change to the worst?!

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