Windows 10 is coming soon!


If you have been using Windows 7 and up, you may noticed a new tray icon showing up like this:

And after you click it you will see a tray icon popup menu like this:


If you click on either “Get Windows 10” then a dialog like this will pop up:


If you click on “Reserve your free upgrade” then Windows will check if you are eligible for free update. If you are, then you are presented with this dialog:


You may enter you email address so you are notified as soon as Windows 10 is ready.

Press “Send confirmation” and a dialog like this pops up:

Reserve Windows 10

That’s it. You reserved your copy.

If you try to click on the tray icon again, a wizard dialog with 5 screens is displayed to tell you what’s new in Windows 10:

The tray icon will remain and it can be annoying for some people, therefore to remove it, you can use various methods described in this article!

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