Days of the week as people

The other day I was reading Jamie’s blog and I was intrigued by the post she had written as an assignment for her writing group. She was asked to describe the days of the week as if they were people ūüôā

I liked the idea, so here’s my version of characters I give to each day of the week as if they were employees in a big company.


A very motivated, creative and enthusiastic person. I know I may be tired from a long fun day from the day before, but I can’t wait to start creating something new. “Yes boss”, you can count on me.


Oh boy, Tuesday is a quite character. Unlike his friend Monday, Tuesday is less enthusiastic and more prudent. He would not subscribe to any project he’s not sure he can pull off. He spends the rest of the day reading and learning.


The cool and chill guy. In a sense, he’s really like a chameleon. He feels he’s entitled to think in his head: “oh well, everybody likes me because I am cool and chill”. Other week days¬†think they can come to me with all their problems and trust me, because I am not a perfectionist and hard working like Monday and Tuesday, yet not very lazy and careless like Friday. Even my boss cannot give me any remarks because he cannot tell on which side I am. After all, I am friends with all the other days and have no colors on my own.


Thursday is the average type of person. He’s not self-driven and always finds relief that there’s always tomorrow (Friday). If he has to, he can get his work done and even start partying after work all the way throughout the rest of the week.

Thursday is really the kind of person that finds an excuse and delegates tasks to others.


Friday¬†is the comedian type of guys. In fact, Friday is in a very special position that it is not to the advantage of any other day to complain about Friday or his performance.¬†After all, he’s the guy that introduces you to the other two cool guys Saturday and Sunday, therefore, why would anyone dare to upset him?


Saturday is the chick-magnet sort of guys. He goes shopping during the day, gets the latest and trendiest cloth, just to go and party at night or watch a movie. Saturday is regarded as a very special person. No one from the weekdays department got to meet him yet, except for Friday (who is his best buddy) and occasionally Thursday gets invited to the party.


The old cranky guy, yet he’s the most wise. Rumors has it that he was the coolest guy there is back in his days.

Nowadays, Sunday gets tired so easily and often times feels less adventurous, wanting to stay close to home. He’s a good friend with Monday and they actually spend the evening together talking about what Sunday did and what Monday plans to do for the week.

Alright, now if you like the idea, take a crack at it and write a similar essay. I would love to read your account, so make sure you leave me a comment with a link to what you wrote on your blog.



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