A visit to: Amazon Books in University Village, Seattle

You may have heard on the news that Amazon is opening a physical store to sell books, its products as well as let you play with the Amazon devices family. Additionally, you will have a chance to interact with Amazon techies who will answer all your questions.

In Amazon’s words:

This store is a physical extension of Amazon.com


Inside the store

Once inside, like any other book store, you have shelves full of books (duh!) 😉 The difference is that Amazon only sells top ranking books.

The books in our store are selected based on Amazon.com customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads, and our curators’ assessments.

Do not walk in and expect to find just any book:

The tryout bay

In the middle of the bookstore, you have sections where Amazon devices are on display where you can try them out:

Reading bay

There’s a section in the bookstore dedicated to avid readers, people who want to chill and chat, or simply those who ran out of juice and want to recharge their devices:

Got questions?

Got questions? Amazon Answers! Here you will find a knowledgeable expert ready to answer your questions.

Ready to buy?

Okay, so you found something you are interested and you’re almost ready to buy it?

You can use the Amazon phone app to check its price or just use this scanner:

Ready to checkout?

Everything so far was fun and dandy, but when the time to checkout and pay arrived, I was met with what I usually dread: a long waiting line.

Oh the irony: I went back, returned the book to the shelf and ordered it again online via Amazon.com 🙂


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