No Wifi – Talk to each other! Pretend it’s 1993!

no wifi, talk to each otherDo you remember the days when you used to go to a coffee shop to meet and talk with new people?

Well, it is no longer the case. You go to a coffee shop and you see people with headphones absorbed in their own bubbles or just glued to their smartphone screens!

It takes more efforts these days to strike a conversation with strangers because you have to find the right way not to interrupt or annoy people as you start a conversation.

Often times, I also go to a coffee shop to work and focus and thus I don’t want to talk to new people. But even still, often times I want to take a break and meet/talk to strangers.

Guess what? Good news: the situation is not hopeless and you can still talk to strangers and make friends in coffee shops.

The best way I found out is to frequent the coffee shop at the same time as often as you can and remember the familiar faces. This makes it very easy to say “hi” after a couple of weeks because you would be able to recognize each other and it would be just easier to start the conversation with something like:

“Hi, how are you? I see you here quite often, what do you do?”

Additionally, to make your self available and open for strangers to approach you, try not to put the earphones all the time. This makes it less “rude” for others to approach you.

Do you have other tips to approach strangers in coffee shops? Please share with me in the comments section!

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