EEG analysis with altered states of consciousness


Yesterday a friend of mine payed me a visit to experiment with EEG and how it reads brainwaves.
I wanted to do the experiment with my friend when he’s in an altered state of consciousness, so I proceeded and hypnotized him and put him into a relax and trance like state.
The next thing was to hook the device and start interpreting the readings.
Me: Close your eyes, then open them
NFB (NeuroFeedBack device): Direct rise of Alpha waves when eyes closed, Alpha disappears when eyes are open again
Me: I want you to remember what you used to play at age of 5
We can see rise in Theta and Alpha and some Delta. It is so clear how the subject requested a recall from his subconscious mind (this explains the Theta waves).
Me: Tell me what you did 3 hours ago
NFB: High level of beta, little alpha, and subject reports annoyance and inability to remember details. We can see the absence of Theta and alpha which explains why the subject cannot recall.
Me: Close and roll your eyes as if looking at your forehead
NFB: Alpha rising and going down, mostly trying to stay up.
Me: Lie down and sleep
NFB: After some time, the subject showed increase theta, moderate Alpha and low beta and delta

After some tests like that, I hook thedevice to the PC and launched BioExplorer and loaded the FlashPacman design. This design takes one channel input and a bandpass filter to detect alpha activity. If the activity is present a YES will occure while a NO will occure in its absence. Now our pacman character will move and eat the dots as long as the desired brainwave is recahed. It was very fun to control alpha waves while eyes open!

It was a nice experiment where I learned and saw how the brainwaves play a role in the functioning of the brain.
Pacman game

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