Lassy and Big Joe

Here’s a small story / piece of reflection I share with you:

As the sun rises and the stud officially declares the beginning of a new day, all the fellow chicken wake up to start all over, always grateful to their fellow cock who played a big role in their life.
Our fellow chicken, Lassy, is very religious and fears its God. For Lassy, being grateful to the farmer, big Joe, is something sacred. He feeds her very everyday, cleans the inn, hires a dog to watch over the nasty wolves.
Lassy never knew what hunger means, she always prayed for the farmer, who only wished her happiness and health.

Big Joe
Big Joe, owner of a chicken farm, is a very business oriented person.

He’s not religious at all, all he cares about is his big fat bank account, but on what account? (pun intended).
He hates to wake up early in the morning, but he has to, for he has good things to sacrifice for.
Everyday, Big Joe spends a generous amount of his time looking for the best food supplies that make his chicken fatter and grow faster. Big Joe knows that if he does not clean the inn, his dollars, err…his chicken, would die out of intoxication. And if he doesn’t enslave that stupid dog, he would loose his fortune to those greedy wolves. All what Big Joe wants is to see his chicken grow very quickly and have them slaughtered and transformed into money.

The Narrator:
My friends my friends, who’s Lassy and who’s big Joe among you?
Are you both?

Origin: Self

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