Hello, I love you, let’s get tested for aids

I heard this song time ago, but not all what you see and learn can be put into practice or be reflected upon immediately.

Let us get back to the title: “Hello, I love you, let’s get tested for aids”

So what does that title mean?

It means that nowadays relationships are shallow, and what does shallow mean? It can mean many things on many aspects and levels, but to be strict to our topic, it simply means that guys and girls just meet to make sex without regarding to different aspects of human relationships.

Is it worth it to ask why such cases happen? Definitely! But not today, not today.

Now is such relationship good or bad?

As usual, there is nothing “good” or “bad” by its nature, what makes it “good” or “bad” is how we apply that thought.

If you just want to have such a shallow relationship, then that’s fine, but what is also important is if the other person wants that.
And by “if the other person wants that” we mean that no body is shall be lured or tricked into such thing.

How many times a girl wants emotions, and a guy tricks her and give her emotions, just to get what he wants? Or Vice Versa?
So basically, that is not good, because each want a different thing and mostly they are LURING each other.

The girl plays all sort of tricks to get emotional attention and the guy plays his tricks to get his sexual attention.

Now the BIGGEST question, how would the person feel when s/he discovered that s/he has been lured?

Oh by the way, if you want to listen to that song then google for Weird Al.

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