My father is the captain


Once I was telling my friend that I have fear sometimes, fear of losing my family, job, friends, possessions, and he simply told me this story:

One day a big ship with lots of passengers was stuck in the middle of the ocean while the thunder and winds started fighting with each other. The ship is, in between the two natural giants, rocking and shaking scaring all of the passengers who started to shout, weep and cry fearing their unescapable death. However, only one small girl was dancing and singing happily.
The people dumbfound by her behaviour yelled at her and inquired: “Why are you happy? Can’t you see the wind will flip the ship aside and the thunder will strike and kill us?” and then the innoccent small girl replied: “No, I am not afraid because my dad is the captain of this ship”

And by that inspiring story, we simply have to put faith and enjoy life cause God is our captain, for he has created and he can destroy us, no need to worry or take extra measures to preserve ourselves.

Heard from: Dhirendra
Origin: Unknown

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