Good guys meeting bad guys

How often have you asked yourself why being a nice guy isn’t helpful in a relationship and why playing a bad guy actually creates some sort of attraction?
This question is often asked and many had speculated answers either based on their experience with thousands of dates or by simply pondering about the matter and reading some books or conversing with girls. In this small essay we shall delve into some aspects and points as to what is a bad/nice guy and what differs between the two.

The Good Guy
You feel attracted to a girl and start dating her. You are so much of a nice guy that you make sure you never touch her, always say sweet words, and show interest and care. After all you are a nice guy and that is how your heart tells you to act.
After some time you notice that this girl is slowly, very slowly losing interest in you and lending you less attention than you are giving out, and naturally, since you’re a nice guy, you are also bound to be a bit gullible and convince yourself with many reasons and say that things will be alright at the end, that she will start to react back with you, you might have even heard from her “You’re too nice for me”.
On the other hand, you feel no doubt at all that she started to develop a serious attraction for those “bad guys” (that’s how the “good” guys call the other party), and yet again you fall into a big dilemma not knowing why and what caused such a veering and attraction to the “dark force” 🙂

The Bad Guy
The bad guys don’t refer to themselves as bad guys, instead they prefer to be dubbed as smart and slick, as just those who know “the girls’ way”.
They know what girls like/dislike, how to turn them on and get their attention, and how to pull their strings, in short they have mastered the art of ensnaring girls.
Bad guys usually draw their confidence and skills from many tactics built over time and experience.
They are keen not to show their true emotions/likes/dislikes in the beginning and in addition to that they give girls little attention, they sprinkle confusion, show some intelligence and then pull away. For them the whole dating issue is a social game and nothing to be taken seriously about it.
Even today there is a growing number of “underground dating lairs” where MPUA (Master Pickup Artists) teach the AFCs (average frustrated chump) and the novice PUAs the tactics and plans to go along and win the girl’s heart or sometimes a bit below than that.
We are not saying that all those PUAs are experts or that they learned their way through lair’s, but nonetheless whether you learned that skill or know it innately, you are just playing on girl’s psychology.

Good or Bad guys are just labels and as a matter of fact neither of them got the ultimate key to women’s brain, since that is still a mystery even for the girl herself (she doesn’t have a clue what she wants!:))
It is nice to always be aware, always watching the actions and reactions and acting according to what makes you feel good or bad. Learning the bad guys’ way is good and similarly learning the good guys’ way will help you calibrate your compulsions.

Bottom line, don’t be too good nor too bad, just learn and experiment until your turn has come and cupid takes care of you.

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