Silence: The sign of acceptance

Do you know the origin of “Silence is a sign of acceptance” ?

In this article, we are going to discuss some feeling that we all experience when we are about to either stay silent or reply/take action in a certain situation.

The question is: “Would you explain yourself or you accept being silent?”

Sometimes circumstances present themselves where you are misunderstood, or did something wrong or whatever thing that requires your explanation. Then you think “the more I talk the more complex the situation would become and if I keep silent then they would think that I am guilty and that I accept my misdeed”.

It once happened to me, actually it happens all the time, where I had the choice to either explain myself or remain silent; I remained silent and experienced a rush of thoughts racing each other trying to reach my mouth and tongue before my mind could even catch them. All they wanted was to defend me even if I did not consciously ask for their help.
I noticed a thought pattern like this:
– What if they take this or that image of me?
– What if I am not accepted anymore within their circle?
– What if what they think I really did what they thought I did?
– Hey, I am innocent, don’t get me wrong people…

At that moment, I stepped back and asked those thoughts “why are you worried?” Why are you concerned about what they think of you?
Then suddenly, relief swept my entire being as a new wave of realization and understanding filled me: “Worrying will take me no where, and whatever happens will happen for my good, I simply don’t want people who are condemning as my acquaintances”.

We may spend a huge amount of time thinking and worrying about what others are thinking of us, however we spend less time reflecting on how we think about ourselves

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