When I say I want to do it, then I do!

Notice how many “I” are in that title, and notice how many “I” you say when you’re talking with your friends or when you’re talking with yourself or even when you just write  a note of some sort.

“I” sometimes appears the center of the “universe” and in fact this “I” is the center of your universe as long as you are self-centered and selfish.

Most of the time people become angry if we tell them: “Hey, you are selfish!”, and the only reason they react like that is because that is a painful fact.

Today we are not going to discuss about selfishness or selflessness, rather we are going to scrutinize this “I” and how it works.
From the next line and on, you are required to take special attention of the “I”s you see in the text and of the date and time when the narration occurs:

Saturday night: You are in the restaurant with your friends, and you see nice food, but you remember you’re on diet, however for this night you say to yourself:
“Fine, tonight I will cheat but starting Monday I will resume my diet”
Later that same Saturday night, you remember that you want to make use of your Sunday fully, so you say:
“I want to wake up early tomorrow and I want to do all sort of activities, so let me set my alarm to 8am”

Sunday morning: The alarm yells at you, and you wake up lazily and remember that you said that you want to wake up early, but then you say:
“Nah…I don’t feel like it, I want to sleep”

(Are you still paying attention to all the “I”s?)

So what is happening? You see the contradiction?
Perhaps you never give it much attention, but this contradiction occurs all the time, you say one thing and you change your mind the next moment.

It is only because there is not just one “I”, there are many “I”s and in that example, the “I” of Saturday is not the same “I” of Sunday morning.

You have to realize that we are not ONE, we are to consciously “fight” to become one with ourselves.

If an example helps you understand better, you may imagine that “I”s live in your mind separately in different compartments, and each “I” comes forth only in certain times and circumstances.

Monday morning: “Oh, today I am on diet as I promised myself”
Monday lunch time: “Oh, nice food today, I want to try it”

Again, we have the “I” in the morning before meal, while the “I” in the lunch time is still sleeping. When lunch time comes “I” of the morning goes to sleep and “I” of lunch time awakes and wants to eat!
How lovely they are, those “I”s work in shifts, what a luxurious life they lead, ironically better than ours.

This “I” concept has always been there, hidden and encoded, in the scriptures, gospels, mythologies (depicted as soldiers and warriors), so it is nothing new.

If you have more interest in the nature of the “I”s and how to unify them, you only have to start observing yourself and become more aware.
For a more structured approach then studying the works of G.I Gurdjieff and his pupil P. D. Ouspensky would help you alot.

I rest my case! (pun intended)

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