Peace, Peace, Peace…everybody talks about peace….This is not yet another thought to talk about “peace” as you’ve read about it in the news, or heard it from an idealist or a politician.
This thought is to share with you a moment of experienced peace, a moment where I got to realize how peace can exist and be found.

Lately, I’ve been greatful and appreciate my meetings with people from all sort of backgrounds. Be that a garbage collector, the concierge, the taxi driver, the small child of your neighbor, or even a person that you’ve known for years but see him/her in a different way.

I came to understand that peace with others can be perceived only when peace with yourself is achieved. The reason I say perceived and not created is simply because peace is already there, but you can’t see it when you are not in peace.

If you are angry, you tend to see people as your enemies. If you are greedy and selfish, you get to see people as those who want to rob you and abuse you. If you are sad, you get to see people as those who want to nag you and bother you. But if you are in peace with yourself, you will get to see everyone peaceful only because you have this perception in your heart.

What has changed? Nothing has changed, the angry person is still angry, the selfish person you meet, is still selfish, what changed is YOU.

A call for peace is something you achieve within, and then the world will change.

You’re not asked to become a saint, to take a slap on both your cheeks, you are simply asked to accept people as they are without any mask of preconception and only then you get to see past the mask that all people are wearing.

Peace upon you dear reader.

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