Some dreams that can become true

Hello Reader,

How does it feel when you wake up in the morning after having a dream showing your best friend dying and you had the chance to sit with him/her and say goodbye before he/she part you the next day?

I know it is a sad feeling, how you cannot afford loosing such dear person to you….you may forcefully wake yourself up from the dream…Alternatively, you may allow your being to express the sad emotions and let tears flow from your eyes and start the process of self healing and release.

But why are we really that sad?

Perhaps because we are loosing something?
Loosing a good company, a good friend, good times, support, the presence of that person?

I always wondered if there are advanced humans (yogis, gurus, masters, etc…) that are not affected by the departure of their friends. Apparently there are such people. Once Jaggi Vasudev was heard saying about this subject:

Crying and being emotional is a luxury and I allow myself to express it from time to time

If that’s how Jaggi thinks, then he must have had a different bond with the deceased other than just good times, good company, etc…
He perhaps had a soul to soul link where death does not really matter or affect this relationship….

So dreams do come true…and nothing lasts forever.

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