Disposable emails with Gmail

What are disposable emails?

Disposable emails are emails that you can use temporarily with websites you don’t trust and that require registration and/or an email address. After you use the email address you can discard it by creating a filter that redirects the disposable email address to the trash bin directly.

How to use disposable emails in Gmail?

It is very simple. Unlike Yahoo Mail Plus! there is nothing to be created. Suppose your email address is, of course ;), John.Doe@gmail.com; to use a disposable email address for a website, say called www.myshopping.com, simply append a “+myshopping” after the email account name. The disposable email address will be: John.Doe+myshopping@gmail.com.

If you want to keep this email address just create a filter that moves the message to an appropriate Gmail folder. If you discover that this disposable address is amassing a lot of spam then create a filter that redirects all messages to that address directly into the trash bin.

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  1. Yes, but too bad a majority of sites do not accept input emails that contain a + in the text. The + is part of the standard but…..

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