My religion

Today I was flipping through an old notebook and I ran into a note that dates back to 09/26/2011.

It was a nice reminder and worth sharing, I hope you find an inspiration by reading it.

The note’s title was: “My Religion” and it reads:

  • I am a free human being. I believe in being a good citizen, respecting the law and justice
  • All humans have equal rights that do not transgress the rights of others
  • All humans have the freedom of choice, thought and religion (or non religion)
  • As I’m created (constructed) so shall I be deconstructed
  • I believe in my deeds
  • Be aware and considerate. Love and serve others in the means of your capacity
  • Harvest pure thoughts and learn to purify your heart and mind from thoughts that can harm others and cause you to harm yourself
  • Treat your neighbor as you want him/her to treat you
  • No fear can instill in my heart as long as I do no harm or misdeed in/during my life on earth
  • Religious or non religious people are still people. May everyone find personal peace
  • May freedom from fear prevail
  • Live and express yourself. Make your homeland earth like your own personal dwelling (like you do in your home). Treat it with respect, earn your living and respect other peoples’ boundaries

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