Improve and track your sleeping patterns with Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

What is Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro is a system composed of a headband sensor and a Bluetooth transmitter unit. It records the brainwave activity (during sleep) and send the data to another Bluetooth capable device for recording and further analysis.

The Zeo headband connects to software running on an iOS or Android device (via Bluetooth).

Additionally, Zeo provides a website where your sleep data can be uploaded so you can analyze the data or export it for use with other software.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you my experience with this unit. For tips on how to improve your sleep, I recommend this article.

How can Zeo Sleep Manager Pro help me with my sleep?

Feedback, feedback, feedback! Feedback plays a key role in learning and education.

Imagine that you are taught a new skill but never given feedback whether you are doing things correctly or not!

You may end up learning the skill the wrong way. For instance, learning calligraphy. If you draw the characters in a wrong way then nobody will be able to read what you write and thus voiding all your learning efforts.

The same applies for sleep, if we can really measure how and what is the quality of our nightly sleep then we can do conscious effort to improve.

Let us now talk about the different kinds of feedback that can help in improving the sleep quality.

Sleep stages and quality

The stages of sleep and the quality of rejuvenation and well being they provide is a science by itself. I encourage you to research about that topic.

With Zeo sleep manager, you will be able to measure how much time you spent in each sleep stage:

The MySleep Zeo website will teach you about each stage and provide lots of hints on how to increase the time spent in certain sleep stages.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is always your responsibility.

Before I got my Zeo sleep manager pro device, it was hard for me to be consistent with my sleep time. Each day I promise myself to go to bed early but the motivation does not last for too long. Later I find myself sleeping too late and waking up early (due to obligations) and dragging myself throughout the day.

With Zeo sleep manager, tracking the time you go to bed, the number of times you wake up during the night and the time you wake up in the morning is automatically monitored for you.

The moment you put the headband, Zeo will start recording your brain activity to figure out if you are asleep and in which sleep stage you are.

In the following screenshot, we can see the following:

  • Sleep time: 12:34am
  • Rise time: 7:10am
  • Total sleep: 5:48 hours
  • Sleep stage and timing
  • ZQ: The Zeo sleep score. Pretty low


What can I improve in this scenario? Be responsible and sleep earlier.

In the following screenshot, we can clearly see how sleeping earlier made a big difference in the overall sleep quality:


In conclusion, being responsible about when to sleep makes a big difference.

Tracking sleep data over days, weeks and months

Tracking one night data is so helpful already, but seeing how you progress along the week and the following months is insightful.

This screenshot below shows one week of ZQ data:


Whereas the screenshot below shows more details:


Followed by the breakdown of data:


Seeing the overall picture help you improve your sleep quality.

Sleep journal

Sleeping journal is another kind of feedback that you can use to make correlation between your sleep quality and how you spent your day and how that affected your sleep.

Zeo comes with journal software that allows you to study that correlation (waking time and its effect to sleeping time):


Waking up refreshed

How refreshed you feel when you wake up is a natural feedback you can use without any kind of gadget.

However, the Zeo sleep manager software comes with a special alarm feature that knows when to wake you up feeling refreshed.

The key idea behind this feature is that if we were awoken during a deep sleep stage then we may feel bad and not fully rested even if we sleep eight or more hours.

You tell Zeo what time you want to wake up and Zeo will use its sleep monitoring capability to wake you up within the set alarm time and when you are in a sleep stage that feels comfortable to wake up from.

This is much better than a traditional alarm clock that take no consideration what sleep stage you are at before waking you up “brutally”.

Closing words

I enjoyed putting efforts and time to write this blog post and share my experience with you.

I hope you found this blog post useful and got encouraged to purchase the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro . If want to buy Zeo, then please help me get referral points by clicking and purchasing through my associates link below:


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