Beware of Vehicle protection center


Two weeks ago, I received a phone call while having lunch:

  • Phone operator: “Hello, is this Mr. NAME…”
  • Me: “Yes”
  • “I am calling because your car warranty is about to expire, are you the owner of Honda Civic 2012?”

I was a bit surprised when this guy called me. I had an immediate sense of a scam taking place. I kept silent and listenened furthermore.

The phone operator sounded like in his twenties and he sounded an amateur. He was surprised by my silence. I could sense hesitation in his voice.

The operator continued with a trembling voice:

  • “So, your car warranty is about to expire and you should renew it…”

I kept listening but then my bullshit meter was full so I stopped him and said:

  • “Listen, I cannot talk right now”

The operator just hang up out of fear. It was so fun giving him the impression that he was about to be caught with his scam.

A respectful company would:

  • Never skip proper introductions: who they are, how they got my contact information, which company their represent
  • Never jump straight to the problem statement
  • Never hang up without notice

Scam was caught. It was over….or not?

A week later, I received this interesting letter in the mail:

What really caught my attention about this letter was:

  • How authoritarian it was
  • The ridiculus warning: “WARNING: $2000 FINE, 5 YEARS IMPRISONMENT, OR BOTH”

For a second I thought it was the police or something. This warning made the whole letter stand out more as a joke than anything else.

After I opened the letter, I saw the following:



What is funny is that I do take care of my own car warranty with the dealer and don’t really need a scammer to scam me.

Readers beware, either play along with those guys and scam them yourself or just ignore them and don’t contact them.

I am not the only person who they tried to scam:

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