mankoushe recipe – Thyme Pizza


Today I am going to share with you how to make a “zaatar mankoushe” (in Arabic) which roughly gets translated to “Thyme Pizza”.

A friend of mine taught me this specific preparation technique. The recipe is so simple to prepare. Essentially, you need 3 ingredients:

First, the thyme mix. You can buy the thyme mix from Mediterranean places:


The reason I call it a mix because this is just not thyme alone, they ground and mix with the thyme other herbs.

Second, you need olive oil:


And third you need a dough or a ready made thin tortilla. I used one thin 12” whole-wheat tortilla:

(A pack of 15 tortillas)

Now that you have all the ingredients, get a bowl and put some thyme and olive oil then mix the two together. The mix should be smooth and spreadable. Get a tablespoon and spread the mix on the tortilla as shown below:


Preheat the oven at 375F and then put the tortilla for around 5 minutes. If you want it dry and cracking, then leave it a bit more. Let it bake.


When done, you are ready to eat it:


Believe me, it is pretty delicious and easy to prepare!

If you want to spice it up, put some sliced tomatoes and a couple of mint leaves.

There are no rules on what you can put and what not, it is up to you. If you’re having lunch, you can add ham and cheese or perhaps some diced chicken meat on top of the mix 🙂

Do you have other easy recipes, comments or questions? Please leave your comment!


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