Rice pudding recipe – just like my mom used to do it


Today I am going to share with you a very simple but yet delicious recipe of rice pudding (just like my mom used to prepare it for me).


The recipe is too simple and require a few ingredients:

  • Rice: rice of your choice (brown, white, long, jasmine, …)
  • Sweetener: Pick a sweetener of your choice (sugar, Maple syrup, honey, etc…)
  • Milk: Milk of your choice. I tried it with both almond milk and regular cow milk


This recipe can be prepared in two simple steps.

Step 1

Let us get started by taking some rice. The portion I used is about two cups.

Add some water to the container and let the rice soak for a couple of hours (this will help make the rice cook faster).


Throw the water away and then put the rice in a pot and add just enough water to the pot to cover the rice:


Let the rice boil. Keep steering the rice and water until the rice is cooked and the water has completely evaporated.

Check if the rice is cooked (taste it and see if it is soft). If the rice is not cooked yet, add some more water and again let the water evaporate.

Once the rice is fully cooked, you can observe that the volume of the rice has increased and there is no more water in the pot:


Step 2

This step is very similar to step 1, except that instead of adding water to the pot we add milk.

Add enough milk to cover the rice (but not too much) then add the sweetener of your choice (I used brown sugar):


Optional: you may add some peppers to the mix. For instance a bit of cinnamon, cardamom, rose or orange flower water.

Stir the mix (rice, milk and sugar) so that the sugar is mixed with the milk.

just added the milk

The goal is to keep boiling and stirring until most of the milk has evaporated:

milk almost evaporated

Stop stirring when you notice that most of the milk is evaporated and the mix is thick. At this point, you know you are done cooking and ready to serve.


Take a few cups and pour the pudding in them:


Let the cups cool down a bit and then put in the fridge until they are cold and solid.

Optional: You may add fruits or nuts (a sprinkle of ground pistachio) on the top of the cups after they are cool enough:


Two hours later you can enjoy this simple and delicious recipe.

I hope you enjoyed the preparation as much as you enjoyed the taste. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Until the next time.

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