Holly’s Harmony – Hand made soaps, lotions, and other hand made products


I always take pleasure in reviewing and writing about products that I tried and liked (for example the Zeo Sleep Manager).

Today, I am going to write about the products of “Holly’s Harmony”, hand made soaps, shampoo, lotions and much more.



My take on hand made products

The main reason I decided to write a review is because I am always fascinated with hand made products.

I met Holly in person and she was kind enough to give me samples and later I became a customer.

When I spoke to her, I could sense her enthusiasm and excitement when talking about the soaps and how she makes them. She was not doing a sales pitch, instead I could see the spark in her eyes and the joy when talking about her future plans and new products she wants to create.

It is said that “God created man in his own image”. I like this analogy, because it tells something about the creator and the creatures. It is so often that a creation captures parts and parcel of the personality of the creator.

Hand made products no matter how simple or hard to make, they are generally created with love, attention and lots of care.

I like to support hand made products especially when they are made by people I met in person or people from my community (as it is the case with Holly).

One of the chief complaints when it comes to selling hand made products (in Sunday markets and what not), is the selling price.

People complain when they are about to pay $6 for a bar of soap while they can buy a bar of soap for a dollar. But if one thinks about it, those same people go and eat out only to pay 30$ or more per person. While the meal lasts as long as the taste is still on the tongue palate, the soap and other lotions last much longer.

Okay, enough about that. You can spend your money as you wish.

The Products

There are many products featured on her store page, I took the liberty to write about some products I bought and some that I consider buying.

Bar and Liquid Soap

Last time I chatted with Holly, she already had a large variety of soap bars, such as the:

    • Baby Bastile Bar
      Made with organic buttermilk and organic carrot slurry
    • Lavender Line Tangerine Bar

This bar is rich in ingredients but what stands out is the beautiful smell of lavender

  • The beautiful “Sweet Meyer Lemon Soap”
    This soap is very artistic, but not only that, the sweet Meyer Lemon gives this soap an herbaceous lemony scent

And many more bars found on this page and this page.

Body Lotions and lip balm


  • “The Hot Apple Pie Solid Lotion Bar”
    It is easy to spread, and leaves your skin feeling so soft. It is great for knees, elbows, heels and all over. Since this features unrefined Shea butter.
  • “Kissably Soft Lotion, Naked”
    As Holly puts it

“This is my kissably soft lotion, which has tons of skin pampering ingredients!! We have Avocado oil and Rice bran oil to give you moisture, with Aloe Vera and Sea Buck thorn extract to add that little bit of extra pampering. This is one of the lightest lotions I have ever used, not greasy at all!!”

And many more lotions found on this page and this page.


At the time of writing, Holly has two scented candles:


The candles also come with different shapes, for example the octagonal shape:


More candles from this page.

Man’s cave

When I met Holly, the “Man’s cave” product line was not ready yet. I was lucky enough to get a sample of the “Naked Pre-shave oil”.

  • Naked Pre-shave oil
    imageI use this product and can vouch for it. The oil is scented and you can choose the scent of your choice. Mine is the Sandalwood scent.
  • Tobacco and Bay Leaf Soap
    This soap bar has the light and manly scent of Tobacco and Bay Leaf.

More products from the Man Cave can be found here.

Scrubs and other products

A variety of scrubs are featured on her product page here. The “Orange Sugar Scrub” caught my attention:

This emulsified sugar scrub is just dreamy-creamy. I love how it glides on, and leaves your radiant self behind!

Closing words

If you live in Washington State or anywhere in the USA, with a flat shipping rate and your passion to try hand made products, please support Holly and buy her products (click here).

She is always happy to hear about your feedback and how she can improve the products. Please follow her on lively Facebook page.

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