How to check who logged in and when via Windows Remote Desktop


Remote Deskop is a nice facility built-in Microsoft Windows from XP and up.

You can use it to remotely administer your computer or simply do programming work.

Many times you may want to keep track and see who is logging into your PC for security reasons. This article will show you how. Let’s proceed!


Step 1 – Running the Event Viewer

In order to check who logged you have to check the logs using the event viewer.

To run the Event Viewer, follow either one of those two methods.

Method 1

Simply press “Windows+R” to show the “Run dialog”, and then type:



Method 2

In Windows 8 and above, use the tiles start screen and type “View event logs” :


In Windows 7 and above, press the “Windows Key” and start typing:

Event Viewer


Step 2 – Inspecting the logs

Now that you opened the Event Viewer, let us navigate to the correct event source.

First, navigate to:

  • Application and Services Logs
    • Microsoft
      • Windows
        • TerminalServices-LocalSessionManger
          • Operational



Now you are in the right view. Simply click any of the event items to see the terminal services related events:


You may want to take note of the following fields in particular:

  • User
  • Logged
  • Source Network

That’s it!

If you want another faster way, you can simply create a new custom view:


Press OK then name the custom filter:


Press OK and you’re done:


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