“I went to heaven and came back”

Today, I was at the park walking. I ran into a guy trying to recruit people to save the planet from global warming. I stopped and chatted with him.

He was not paying attention to the discussion all the time, for example when chatting he would look behind me and shout to the people that are passing by. Anyway, he told me that once he had a spiritual experience. To make a long story short, he told me he went to heaven, other galaxies and came back here because he wanted to be back.

He started to describe one planet he found, where he said it resembles earth but only much more peaceful and technologically advanced. There are talking trees there, animals talk and everything is harmonious and peaceful. There is no killing on that planet.

Later he told me, that he also witnessed the end of our world here on earth. Everything will be burning, and only the good people will be saved.


Dear readers, I shared this story with you because it tells us something about the human mind’s imagination and its recalling ability. Remember, not every person that goes to heavens and comes back, or gets to talk to God gets the attention of Oprah Winfrey or the main stream media. While many have profited from claims like that, many others have been labeled as crazy people.

It is ironic how we choose who we want to believe and who we don’t want to believe, right? In my previous post, “Jesus Sells“, I gave an example of how claims of supernatural nature can make you good profit.

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