Apple Watch – 20 important announcements from the March 2015 Special Event

Apple WatchToday, during the March 2015 Spring Forward event, Tim Cook spoke about the most important Apple Watch features, its release date and the technology and innovations that made the Apple Watch possible.

I mention the most important announcements.

  1. The Apple Watch is the most personal device that apple has created so far
  2. It is solid and made from stainless steel and aluminum and other components to resist scratches and last longer
  3. Use it as a phone
    • It has builtin speaker and microphone to receive and make calls from the watch
    • Can send text via dictation or the voice as is
  4. Customizable
    • What you wear on your hands is an expression of who you are
    • Multiple designs to appeal to various people styles
    • It has many watch faces to choose from
    • Customize what you can add to the display
    • The Glances interface allows you to swipe from the bottom up to display various information through the installed apps
  5. Multiple editions
    • Watch Sports
      • Silver or space gray, with color bands
      • Priced at 349$ or 399$
    • Watch
      • Prices range between $549 and $1,049
    • Watch Edition
      • Limited availability
      • Available in select stores
      • It has 18 karat gold
      • Its price starts at 10k$
  6. Digital Touch
    • Allows you to send tactile and visual information to friends and loved ones
    • Connect Apple Watch to another Apple Watch
    • The ability to sketch on your watch and then send the sketch to friends. The sketch will be drawn progressively as it is being received
    • Send heart beats to ones you care about: the watch will give tactile feedback when the heart beat is received
    • Digital Touch brings social network interactions to a whole new level
  7. Health and fitness:
    • Apple Watch is also a health and fitness companion
    • Various sensors and features like standard / modern day fitness trackers
    • Track daily movement
    • Idle alert: Like Jawbone’s UP, Apple Watch will remind you to stand up and stretch your legs if configured. Useful when you are sitting for a long time
    • Various workout apps:
      • Running
      • Biking
      • etc…
  8. Pay with ApplePay using the watch
  9. View photos
  10. Control music
  11. Interface with Siri:
    • Voice only: just say: “Hey Siri” to wake it up
    • Or press the button to activate Siri
  12. Notifications:
    • Any notification that you usually receive on the iPhone you can receive on your phone
    • There are apps to keep track if your favorite sports team
    • Facebook and other social media apps
    • Instagram
  13. WatchKit SDK
    • It was released last year
    • 1000s of new apps by 3rd party developers
  14. Interesting apps
    • American Airline app
      • Use it for check-in and scan your boarding pass
      • Get other flight information as you approach the airport
    • Shazam: let your watch tell you which songs are playing in the background
    • Order a cab with Uber App
    • integration
      • Control your garage door: open or close the door
      • Live video feed from the watch
    • Hotel apps:
      • The Apple Watch can be used as the room key: just wave it in front of the lock
  15. Operates without the phone when in WiFi range
    • At home, the watch uses WiFi to connect
    • Outside home, the watch uses Bluetooth to operate with your phone
  16. A new iPhone Apple Watch app:
    • Equivalent to App Store but for the Apple Watch
    • Download Apple Watch apps
    • Contains how to videos and tutorials
    • Configure notifications
    • Select friends
  17. Battery life
    • All day battery life: it provides 18 hours usage on a typical day
    • The charger will automatically click and attach to the back of the watch and start charging it
  18. Pre-Order start April 10th, 2015
  19. Available in 8+ countries on April 24, 2015
  20. Apple Stores
    • Apple stores has a new section to display all the available watches
    • You will be able to experience the watch in person the retail stores
    • See all colors and chose what suits you best

You can watch the event from the link below.

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