Apple’s March 2015 Special Event: what you need to know


On March 9, Apple hosted the March 2015 Special event. Tim cook presented the new products and innovations that Apple has been working on.

Personally, I am more excited about the new 12″ MacBook and the Apple Watch.

General Announcements

  • iPhone Sales: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus generated 700 million devices sales combined
  • Apple TV
    • Price decrease. Get it for 69$ instead of 99$
    • HBO streaming will be available on Apple TV in April for a 14.99$ monthly payment

Medical ResearchKit

Apple introduces the “Medical ResearchKit” with the aim to help the medical industry and empower the users to play a big part of the research.

  • The kit provides a set of powerful diagnostic tools
  • The goal is to get the users to share their medical data and other feedback in order to help the medical community and app developers
  • It will be an open source project and will be released next month

Medical apps

Traditionally, medical data used to be collected once in a while. The premise of the medical apps is to put the patient in the center of the research, and have him/her participating in research by providing continuous feedback.

Some medical apps:

  • Parkinson research (tap test, or say ‘ah’)
  • Balance test
  • Diabetes
  • Cadiovascular diesase
  • Asthma
  • Breast cancer

Tim also spoke about the importance of  privacy in regard to medical data:

  • The users decide what to participate and send
  • Apple will not see you data

New MacBook

Tim comes to the stage holding a very tiny MacBook and said that we reinvented the MacBook.

  • Weights 2 pounds
  • 13.1mm thin (The previous MacBook Air is 17.3mm). Thus 24% thinner
  • All metal enclosure
  • Full size keyboard
    • Going all the way to the edge
    • All new keyboard keyboard keys with the butterfly mechanism
  • 12 inch Retina display with resolution up to 2304 x 1440 ; 0.88mm thin for the panel
  • ForceTouch trackpad with 4 sensors
    • It gives tactile feedback
    • Same feel all over the trackpad
    • Configurable by software
    • Force click can be used for some built-in apps, for example:
      • Automatically get a definition of a word in a browser
      • Force click to auto create appointment from an address in the email
      • Force click is programmable
      • Force click the “fast forward” button to speed up the normal fast forward skip rate
  • First fanless Macbook, thus totally silent when operating operate in silence
  • Eliminate most mechanical components
  • Processor
    • It uses “Intel Core M” processor with frequencies ranging from 1.3 Ghz up to 2.9 Ghz with just 5 Watts power consumption
  • Prices
    • 1299$ 8gb, 256SSD
    • 1559$$ ; 512gb ; 8gb memory
  • Ships in April
  • Battery technology
    • Terrace battery structure to allows 35% greater battery usage
    • 30% less energy consumption for the same brightness
    • All day battery life
  • Single port using the new USB-C universal connector that can be used for:
    • Charging
    • Video output
    • Data (mass storage devices)
    • You can buy a “USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter” from here
  • Colors: silver, space gray and stunning gold
  • It is a green product and the world’s most energy efficient notebook

New updates to the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were also announced:

  • MacBook Air:
    • Thunderbolt 2
    • Now available with Core i5 and i7
    • The flash drives is times faster
  • MacBook Pro
    • Force touch track pad
    • The flash drives is times faster
    • Bumped the battery life with one more extra hour, thus bringing the total time to 10 hours

Apple Watch

For Apple Watch announcements, please see my other blog post.

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