Microsoft’s New – Surface Book – Review

I had the chance to go to Microsoft Store and check out the new Surface Book. This is the video review below:

I personally was not wowed about it. Here are my comments:

  • When you close the lid, it is not very convenient to open it up. Unlike other laptops I used, say the MacBook Air, with the Surface Book, you need two hands to open the lid and you need to push a bit harder
  • The screen does not detach without first pressing the EJECT button for a couple of seconds
  • The keyboard is good. If you’re a programmer you may get used to it, it has a nice feel to it.
  • It is relatively heavy 3.3 pounds
  • The competitors have already a hybrid laptop where you can detach the screen from the keyboard and have a dual experience: tablet or laptop.

I also shot another video showing the new stylus:

What is hard to capture in the video is how it feels when using the stylus. Each stylus tip gives you a different feel / drag on the screen. That’s pretty nice!

In conclusion, and in my opinion, the Surface Book does not deserve to be called “The Ultimate Laptop”, at least not yet.

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