Testing on the Toilet

So, has your company started following you to the toilet as well? It seems the idea of “testing on the toilet”, where code snippets and sometimes code testing techniques are printed and attached on the toilet walls, was started by Google (please correct me if I am wrong).

I was surprised the other day to enter the toilet, only to find those one pagers with code testing techniques attached above the urinary gutters!


It is one thing to want your employees to be productive and another thing to follow them to the toilet where they hope to have a moment of peace and quiet while they relief themselves!

What about number two you ask? Well, they follow you inside as well:


Personally, I find that unacceptable. Instead, put some jokes, something a bit lighter and funny! 🙂

Do you agree?

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4 thoughts on “Testing on the Toilet

  1. hahaha. Ususally i use toilets for problem solving as well. But with stepping away from problem! Brains are just more effective like this and for sure, not with reading more code jaooo.

  2. @dcrystalj, it is another team (the test team) that puts those papers. No one cares though…I vent off in here (on my blog) 🙂

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