Look for your soul, mate not your soulmate!

I grew up with the programmed mentality that every person has a soulmate. A person that they connect with spiritually and physically to bond in a formidable manner….until of course, as all things come to an end, they break up miserably 😉

“Stop looking for your soulmate. Start looking for your soul, mate” is a good quote and invitation for self-improvement.

It is more important to take care of our own souls to be ready for every situation in life rather than just meeting our “soulmate”.

In this day and age, we are busy with our smartphones and other vain pursuits. When was the last time you read a book on metaphysics, philosophy, self-improvement or religion?

But the, is it easier if I ask you: “what is the last show you binge watched on Netflix?”

Yep, that’s the sad reality. It takes efforts to make use of our times in a better and more constructive manner. The world is against us. We are lured into wasting our life and time rather than discovering and building our souls and nurture our kind nature and share our goodness with others.

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