In My Darkest Hours – A music album review

Hello readers,

Yesterday I had the chance to listen to the new album released by James Ludwig Stark on Amazon:


I don’t want to talk much about the album except that I really liked it and the songs live up to their names. I can easily imagine this music being used in movie sound tracks!

These are the songs in the album, see for yourself:

Anna 1:33
Rise 2:54
Teardrops On My Piano 2:40
Into The Darkness 2:37
The Woman Standing In The Dark 3:31
An Untold Story 3:07
Dark Side Of Gloria 2:56
Burying My Grandma 2:35
Goodbye My Friend 2:09
After 64 Consecutive Rejections 3:08

You can listen to samples on or just buy the whole album!

…and by the way, if you notice the last song’s name “After 64 Consecutive Rejections”, I cannot but think “64 bits” in computer terms! 🙂


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