My master art piece: An epic battle in a moonless night

Hello readers,

Today I share with you a joke that my Dad told me a long time ago.


One day, in an art gallery exhibit, a visitor stopped in front of this drawing:

Battle in a moonless night!

The visitor started to exclaim and wonder what this painting could possible mean.
Shortly after, the painter of this art piece approached the visitor and told him:

Sir, this is my master art piece. It took me a long time to draw because it has a lot of details and a big story to tell.

The visitor replies:

Oh really, how so?

Let me explain, said the paint:

This is an epic battle, in a moonless night, where two large black African armies are fighting. Blood and dead bodies everywhere.

The visitor then says:

How come? All I see is black…besides what’s this white spot?

The painter replies:

You can’t see anything because it is a moonless night; that white spot is the flying tooth of a fighter who just got punched.

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