Backup and restore NTFS files permission with the ResetPermission utility

This is a follow up article to the popular article Resetting NTFS files permission in Windows – Graphical Utility.

In this article, I document the new feature in the ResetPermissions utility v1.1.5, where you can now backup and restore the NTFS files permissions.

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To access the Backup / Restore functionality, first, make sure you press on the “Advanced button”:


After that, click “Backup permissions” and choose where you want to save the permissions file:


After you select the location, press “Save”.

Wait! You are not done yet!

Like most of the options that are presented to you from the “Advanced” menu, you still have to press the “GO” button for the command to take effect:



Press “GO” and the files permissions will be backed up.


Only the files permissions are backed up. If you checked the “Take files ownership” when resetting the permissions, you cannot restore ownership information with “Restore permissions”

Now you may safely proceed to reset the files permissions and in case you have some errors, you can come back and choose the “Restore permissions” functionality instead and you are back to square one!


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