Batchography: Converting numbers to characters (or the CHR() function)

In various programming languages, you might sometimes need to convert numbers to characters. In simple terms, each character you see has a numerical representation. The ASCII table  shows the numbers of each character and its corresponding glyph.

Converting numbers to their corresponding characters would be useful to generate a random string for instance. The first step to generating a random string is to generate random numbers between 65 and 90 (upper case ‘A’ to upper case ‘Z’) or between 97 and 122 (lower case ‘a’ to lower case ‘z’).

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The following code snippets illustrates how to write the Ordinal to Character conversion function:

:ord2chr <1=ordinal value> => %result%
  for %%a in ("65=A" "66=B" "67=C" "68=D"
      "69=E" "70=F" "71=G" "72=H" 
      "73=I" "74=J" "75=K" "76=L" 
      "77=M" "78=N" "79=O" "80=P" 
      "81=Q" "82=R" "83=S" "84=T" 
      "85=U" "86=V" "87=W" "88=X" 
      "89=Y" "90=Z" "97=a" "98=b" 
      "99=c" "100=d" "101=e" "102=f" 
      "103=g" "104=h" "105=i" "106=j" 
      "107=k" "108=l" "109=m" "110=n" 
      "111=o" "112=p" "113=q" "114=r" 
      "115=s" "116=t" "117=u" "118=v" 
      "119=w" "120=x" "121=y" "122=z" 
      "48=0" "49=1" "50=2" "51=3"
      "52=4" "53=5" "54=6" "55=7" 
           "56=8" "57=9") do (
  for /f "usebackq tokens=1-2 delims==" %%b in ('%%~a') do (
      if "%1"=="%%b" (
        set result=%%c
        goto :eof

As you can see from the above, the Batch function takes one input argument which is the number to convert to a character. The result is returned into the result environment variable. The function employs a mapping table that will be used to convert the numbers to their corresponding characters.

The ord2chr function can be used to generate a random string. Consider the following function:

:gen-rand-str <1=length> <2=mod> <3=base> => %result%
  set str=
  for /l %%a in (1, 1, %1) do (
    set /A N="(!RANDOM! %% %2) + %3"
    call :ord2chr !N!
    set str=!str!!result!
  set result=%str%

  goto :eof

The gen-rand-str function employs the ord2chr and the RANDOM pseudo-environment variable in order to generate a random string.

Please refer to Chapter 4 in the Batchography book for a more detailed explanation on the topic and other advanced Batch scripting topics.
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