A day trip to Manhattan, New York City

Back in August, while visiting Boston, I took the Saturday morning Amtrak train to the Pennsylvania Station, New York City. It was a pleasant 4 hours ride in the train. After I arrived, I left the station and found myself in the center of Manhattan.

I was greeted by a bus tour saleswoman. I figured, why not, let me ride the tour bus and familiarize myself with the city. Unfortunately, it was raining the most part of the day.

It was a very busy day. People everywhere and there were barely room for pedestrians. The trash bins were full, homeless people were everywhere and the city was very very dirty. It felt like a zoo. Manhattan is not like what you see on TV. In reality it is a dog eat dog city. People were pushing each other and were very unfriendly. Later that day, I did my best to go away from Times Square and deep into the other parts of Manhattan. The further I got away from Manhattan the more tolerable and pleasant the city felt to me. What struck me most was that on each block you would find a pizza place. No wonder why the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who live in New York, love Pizza 😉

Included in my bus tour, was a boat trip around the city. We get to come closer to the statue of liberty and see other parts of New York city (for instance Brooklyn). I loved the skyscrapers and the old bridges. Our boat tour guide was very pleasant and informative.

Sunday morning I checked out from my hotel and headed towards Brooklyn. I wanted to walk the Brooklyn bridge. It was a very sunny day so I really enjoyed my day much better than Saturday. I walked back from Brooklyn to Manhattan and sat a bit in the central park where I found the one million dollar bill. At around 10pm, I took the train back to Boston.

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