A lesson to my teenage son

One day, a father was lecturing his teenage son about modesty and morality. The son replies arrogantly saying:

“Dad, it seems you forgot that you yourself went through the same age as me and my generation. You have left your father’s house, found a woman, got married and had your own kids. Can’t we do the same as you?”

The father replied: “No doubt in that my son, however you are from the new generation. You eventually walk the same path we walked but you start that path from the opposite direction and you start from where we ended”.

Indeed, the new generation is all confused about relationships. They have been brainwashed by the media and Hollywood about what is the “right” way to conduct a spiritual and wholesome life that improves the society. I have spoken about this upside down world we live in currently in my article entitled “The seven chakras and spiritual dating”. I encourage you to read this article because it really illustrates how the new generation start a family or a relationship completely backwards under the influence of alcohol and other mind numbing drugs.

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