Elias' on a mock throne ;pHello my name is Elias Bachaalany and I come from Lebanon. I enjoy spending time learning about metaphysics, self-improvement, computers, technology and what not.

I call this place a “lab” because I see life as a big laboratory. We are here to learn, write, teach and master.

Because of my ongoing learning journey in life’s lab, I made this blog to share with you what I learn and my experiences.

It is my hope that you like my articles and free software.

The contents in this blog are copyrighted. Reproduction without prior permission is not allowed.

Leaving comments, a kind note, criticism or any sort of feedback connects us together.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. missed ya
    my request is one time u reply on my comment on ur website
    i recommended ur website for 2 of my close people for me now
    love ya

  2. hello elias
    nice to see lebanese guy with such knowledge and way of writing
    very nice site u got
    i found ur site while searching for vm detecting techniques
    keep up the good work
    best regards

    kOuD3LkA / AT4RE

  3. Hi There.

    I need some technical help regarding your one of the article i.e., “SendKeys in C++”.

    Your article is one of the best articles I came across so far. At this point of moment, can you tell me how can I read the text written on the active window?

    I mean your application can write text on active window, Can you please help me out reading the same text?

    In case you need any further info, then please let me know.

    Thanks and Regards.

  4. Hi, my name is Alejandro. I am from Argentina. I readed your page of OverlayIcon and I want ask you how I can do for that my overlayicons just appear in my user of Windows and not for all user. Have I change the location of registry of my .dll? Thanks in advance. Best regards

  5. hi lallous i,m surya
    i had an issue when i degraded to win7 from win 8.1
    in win 8.1 i had set some security settings on my drives because my other users kept on changing the contents
    when i degraded to win 7 there were some issues regarding the ownership of the drive i coudnt properly change the settings to default but thanks to you the issue is fixed
    thankss a lot

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