When I look at you and see you beautiful

Many times, when I am in public places such as coffee shops, I see beautiful women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To me, they are just too pretty like a piece of art. A beautiful creation of nature.


Finding a person pretty or not is a reflex: I don’t control whom I find attractive physically and whom I don’t.

What I observed however is that if I try to compliment a girl that I find pretty, she gets scared and thinks I want to have sex with her.

Lady, if I find you pretty it does not mean I want to sleep with you. Maybe most guys think and associate beauty with being sexy (and hotness) and thus they get horny and want to have sex…but not me and not like that, not out of context.

Let me quote this insightful passage from the “PRACTICE OF BRAHMACHARYA“:

See Mother Kali in all women. Cultivate sublime, divine thoughts. Do Japa and meditation regularly. You will be established in Brahmacharya.

For me, sex comes later and in the proper context: when I am in a relationship, when there’s a connection, intimacy, trust and true bonding.

I don’t like to sleep around, hookup and do one night stands or even have a “friend with benefits“. More about friends with benefits in later articles.

For that reason (my vision of relationships and intimacy), many girls left me early in the relationship because I did not have sex with them after a couple of dates. They did not give themselves enough time to explore the other dimensions of a true relationship.

Sometimes I wish I am an artist so that I can express the beauty I see by making a painting or writing a poem. But again I think it is better to cultivate my heart and learn to see everyone with beauty, inner beauty.

Having said this, I remembered that I already wrote another article similar to this article (called Beautiful Skin), back in 2007 when I first started this blog.

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