Just once, I wish to wake up and see…a united world!


I would like to wake up one day, look at the world and see:

  • A Christian quoting the Quran
  • A Muslim quoting the Bhagavad Gita or the Bible
  • A Buddhist quoting the Torah
  • Jews and Muslims in peace
  • The media writing about news as they are
  • The rich and the poor walking together
  • The knowledgeable educating the ignorant
  • The positive person teaching and inspiring the negative person
  • The arrogant becoming humble
  • Terrorists changing their ways and finding the light
  • Powerful countries helping developing countries
  • Science and religion merging
  • All the nation praying for one God, one truth
  • The world in harmony
  • No more wars, killing and violence

And that’s not my Christmas wish.

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