The three teens and the ass selfie obsession

The other day, I was sitting on the bench facing the lake and talking to a friend. I could not help but notice from afar on the docks three teenagers taking selfies in turns.

They spent around 30+ minutes taking photos of themselves making duck faces, yolo signs and all sort of vain poses and facial expressions.

At one point the selfie session became even more weird: the two teenagers asked their third friend to take a picture of them. They turned their back to the camera, protruded their behinds a bit, and then each girl touched the other girl’s ass while posing for the picture.

It is ridiculous how the teenage girls are very obsessed with their assets: face, hair, ass, tits, legs, you name it!

They forget that one day, they will grow old and their skin will sag. External beauty is like a flower, it will whither slowly but surely.

What values did they develop more than their vanity and narcissism during their formative years?

By the way, is there is anything more vain than the term: “Instagram model“?

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