Book or Boob?

Book or Boob? Of course it is the boob. Who reads books these days? A flashed boob garners more attention than actual knowledge. That’s the current state of affairs these days.

It is very unfortunate that we see Instagram “models” and girl YouTubers who have nothing to offer more than just their “sexy” and “hot” bodies and yet they have so many “likes” and subscribers/followers. If, on the other hand, a knowledgable person writes something useful then that person barely gets likes and the attention of internet users.

The same issue between “boob” and “book” is metaphorically present on the gaming streaming service Twitch. Professional male gamers who are really good at games are being phased out by gamer gurrrllls who show cleavage and lots of skin while streaming their “professional” game play. What’s even more sad? Blue pill simps that donate money to enable those super talented (sarcasm) gamer gurrrlls.

I have been aware of this sad state of affairs since a long time ago. Each time I run into a meme or something that has so many views it usually involves the sex appeal or “cute cats” videos. Additionally, gossip sites amass lots of users and what do these gossip sites have to offer? Just gossip and no real knowledge.

I know for sure that no one even cares that boobs are more popular than books, but eventually that will lead to dumb and passive new generation. When every girl has a bathroom mirror and an iPhone to take a selfie of herĀ assets, then who has time to learn a useful skill that brings prosperity to society? Boys chase booty and women fish for men who give them attention, time and money. That simple.

If you read my blog, you will notice that I rant a lot about the degenerate society of our times. I am sure that I was born in the wrong century. The world is surely running in a perverted manner. Everything revolves around the sex appeal. Since the advert of TVs and the media, advertisers have exploited the sex appeal to sell products. Then came Feminism (the cancerous movement) to “empower” women and unleash their promiscuity and destroy the nuclear family. From then on, women got a carte blanche to flaunt their sexuality, play on men’s instincts, dress inappropriately for the occasion (a transparent leggings to a professional work environment), commit adultery, hook up, sleep around, spread STDs and ruin marriages and families.

Who’s fault is this? Men and women, both of them of course. It is a vicious circle. Men are visual creatures who, if no effort is exercised, think with their little brains and women who are super insecure that feel compelled to advertise their bodies for some male attention. Today, with the #metoo trend, a big schism has been created between the sexes. Men (the smart ones) are now weary of women and are super careful around them, especially in the work place. Powerful men are now being judged by social media on the sole basis of accusations with no or made up proof.

I can go on ranting more and more about how the majority of humans function these days, but what’s the point? I am talking to myself.

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