The 2016 World Predictions according to Michel Hayek

michel-hayekThis is the first time I decide to translate the 2016 predictions of Michel Hayek, a Lebanese psychic, from Arabic to English and post it on my blog.

I don’t have a stance on predictions and I cannot say whether I believe or don’t believe in them. We, humans, have a lot to learn and discover about our full potential and what we can and cannot do. Bottom line: I am open to all the possibilities.

The reason I decided to translate this video is when I saw on the news that Mark Zuckerberg received threats from the ISIS supporters, which reminded me of one of Michel’s predictions for the year 2016 which was aired in December 31, 2015.
Two things to note before I present the translation:

  1. I am not a professional translator (at least not yet).
  2. I did not translate everything. I skipped many things including predictions of events that are very local to the Arab region and Lebanon.


Check the 2017 predictions here

Watch the video with the help of an interpreter if you want to know about all of his predictions.


  • An elevator accident (falling through the shaft) in a sky-rise will cause a big disaster.
  • The American dollar will be worst than a terrorist attack.
  • The UN H.Q in New York will not be safe.
  • The deadline for the stock market crash and the financial crisis/collapse is getting closer and closer.
  • Obama will be tried for making hasteful decisions.
  • George W. Bush will not be spared the criticism because of his previous policies and decisions regarding the war on Iraq.
  • A fearsome and terrible attack in the midst of the USA with one goal: to plant the seed of fear in the hearts of people.
  • The founder of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) will be surrounded by danger.

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  • Putin and Erdogan will shake hands anew, while a Turkish airplane (and whomever it is carrying) will be in focus.
  • The world will witness military confrontations between the USA and Russia.
  • At one point, Putin will be in a very passive role rather than in his usual active and engaged role in a negotiation.
  • The Russian and NATO alliance problem will become more problematic, beyond just words on paper.
  • Many regions will stop being under the control of the Russia army.
  • Russia will suffer many revengeful blows all over the world.
  • There will be lots of question-marks regarding the person of Putin for the period to come.


  • Israel will be forced to negotiate with Hamas for prisoners exchange.
  • Israel will express once more its refusal regarding the Iranian nuclear program by violating Iran’s airspace.
  • An attempt to take revenge from and chase down important Jewish personalities across various countries.
  • An airplane and its contents flying over the Israeli airspace will cause a big strife in Israel. Hezbollah will be blamed.
  • Israeli airplane violating the Lebanese and Syrian airspace won’t be spared from danger.
  • The Israeli airspace and airports will be in danger.


  • London will be on high alert to protect against vandalism acts, racism attacks and kidnapping attempts.
  • A royal English horse will be in the spotlight.
  • There will be a big shakedown in the British parliment.
  • David Cameron will face a big opposition.
  • A security loophole in a British airport will be discovered and/or exploited.
  • Price William and princess Kate will face a tearful situation.


  • An explosive will be found or set off in a big German airport.
  • There will be various dangerous attempts to smear the image of Angela Merkel.


  • Rumors about a French airline will turn out not be rumors after all.
  • Marine Le Pen and her crew will face a big danger.
  • Various cities in France will be facing two kinds of fears and dangers: continued terrorism attempts and natural disasters/ calamities


  • Various demonstrations in the streets will witness acts of violence.
  • Various Italian works of art will be vandalised.
  • The St. Peter’s cathedral square will be engulfed in sadness.


  • The destiny of Syria and the Syrian president have a lot in common: they are both going to be liberated, the one from the other.
  • A historic document pertaining to Syria’s future will be signed by the Syrian president.
  • Al Jaafari in the U.N but in an unusual way.
  • A bold stance coming from world leaders that will state for the first time that the problem in Syria was never because of the Syrian president.
  • Daesh will be kicked out from Tadmur.
  • Paintings, art and music from Syria and the world will help alleviate the war torn country’s spirits.
  • The first looks and feel of the new flag and currency in Syria will be revealed.


  • Early in the 2016 year, there will be attempt to cause strife and problems in the face of the president El Sissi who will be angry and un-forgiveful.
  • The Egyptian tourism will break the barrier of fear and worry.
  • Pope Tawadros will librate the Coptic church from certain clutches, but he and the church will become targets for terrorism.
  • El Azhari Sheik will be in danger.

Saudi Arabia

  • The Daesh terrorist group will use new methods to achieve unusual attacks on diplomatic and religious bodies, sport events and stadiums.
  • The security force will capture high profile terrorists who in turn will give away hundreds of other suspect names.
  • The Saudi market will resume in a better shape after it came to an almost complete stall.

Arab World

  • Daesh, for the first time, will cause an act of terrorism in Iran.
  • A terrorist attack with two facets targeting the Muslim brotherhood in Qatar will take place.
  • There’s a breach in the Tunesian ruling order.
  • The Tunisian intelligence will intercept and defend against terrorism targeting hotels and touristic sites.
  • Libyan prison doors will be wide open for a while.
  • A big operation will hit Hamas that will keep the whole world anxious and wanting to know the fate of the palestinian president.
  • Al Jazeera TV station will have to deal with a security breach.
  • In various Arab countries, many people will spot weird spacecrafts that look like UFOs.
  • The UAE will open its doors to accept lots of political asylum seekers.
  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will not play a leadership role in the future of ISIS.
  • There will be a big monetary shakedown that will bring to light the existence of extreme religious factions in some Arab countries.
  • A Kuwaiti airplane will be forced to change its flying course.

The World

  • Spain’s football stadiums will go through a mourning period.
  • The Dalai Lama will pronounce his parting message.
  • The electricity will be shutoff in many countries all at the same time.
  • Russian, USA, China and other countries will cooperate together to shatter a big rock falling off the skies before it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • A new personality bearing the same looks as Bruce Lee will be become known to the world.
  • SETI or other agencies, for the first time, will pick up extra terrerstrial sounds.
  • The NASA community will receive a big shock (discovery? revelation? leak?).
  • There will be a discovery of a new medication for the Parkinson patients.
  • I see a vision including weird flying objects, dark clouds and war scenes as if there’s a huge intergalactic war.

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I know, I know, all the predictions above tend to be dark and filled with doom and gloom. Well anyway, I hope you quenched your curiosity and your love for drama! 😉

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6 thoughts on “The 2016 World Predictions according to Michel Hayek

  1. Hi Lallou, You should check out what this guy said last year and the year before to check how accurate he is before taking it seriously : ) I know you’re anti-scams, right? : ) If you can interpret, I suggest you google phone interpreting companies and apply and take their test. You might easily pass and start working as a phone interpreter from home (as an independent contractor), at your own schedule (Not WWDB or Amway!) : )).

    • Thanks for the tip about the phone interpretation companies.

      Btw, I wonder how Michel does it, I mean apart from the Psychic claims.

      One part of me is tempted to think that he has a crew that scavenge all the newspapers and news articles online that analyze events and stories.
      He would then pick up the most probable ones and write “predictions”. After all, he is too snobby to give and take during an interview…did you notice that?
      Man his disrespect and cold attitude towards the interviewers gets on my nerves.
      That attitude / aversion could be his line of defense, who knows. Perhaps The Amazing Randi knows! 😉

  2. Sure, thank you for your posts!

    I agree with you that Michel just analyzes news, and then he makes 100 vague predictions, of which some will happen just by the law of probability so he can later claim “I predicted so and so would happen in 2016 and it did’, but he will never mention what percentage of his predictions didn’t come true. I have never seen him in interviews and honestly I never believe or pay any attention to prediction stuff, just political analyses by experts. And they get it wrong, too. Randi definitely knows! Although he might not really have that million dollars ready!

  3. I agree with you about Randi, and I have the same passion about exposing scammers as you do. I will try to read your ‘Jesus sells’ post as soon as I can.

    I also commented on your other post on WWDB/Amway which I had a traumatic experience with a while ago. I really wish I could talk to you more about that, because it really upset me.

    I understand the language and I’m an interpreter myself, but honestly I hate these ‘predictors’ and can’t stand giving them a single minute of my time. They’re a joke, and honestly much less dangerous than scammers. Their antics are maybe to get more attention and appear charismatic and confident to the ‘dupes’. Forget about him : )

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