What kind of an ass are you?


A couple of years ago, I bought a funny t-shirt that is usually an icebreaker and conversation starter with strangers! Not many people get the joke because all they see is a picture of donkeys (or asses, pun intended), depending on how you look at it! 🙂

Are you the dumb ass?

ass-dumbAre you a dumb ass?

“Dude! Where’s my car?”

“How many miles you’d travel if you’re driving the car for one hour at a constant rate of 80 mph? You don’t know? What a dumb ass!”

“uh…I did not get the joke”

“uh…can you repeat that?”



Are you the jack ass?


Are you a jack ass?

“I will have so much fun when I pull this prank on you.”

“I won’t make your day! I will pull at you all the tricks from my book!”



Are you the kick ass?


Are you a kick ass?

Do you manage to solve all kinds of problems, figure things out and nothing stands in your way?

Do your friends always come and rely on you because you’re a kick ass?

You exercise hard in the gym and push yourself to the limits?



Are you the fat ass?


Are you a fat ass?

“Oh man, where’s the next restaurant?”

“Oh man, I am hungry!”

“Ma! What’s cooking?”

“Oops, I just farted.”

“Wait guys [catching breath…], I can’t keep up!”



Are you the smart ass?


Are you a smart ass?

Are you trying to make jokes all the time? What a smart ass!

Stop nitpicking at us you smartass!

Stop reading and enjoy yourself!

Get out, have some fun, life is too short to analyze everything.

Don’t spoil the joke by analyzing it too hard.



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